Every couple looks for a grandeur escapade when it comes to celebrating their big day. With the spirit of having the perfect wedding, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles in search of the best destination, Cancun is just one stop away.   But, exactly what would be the definition of the best wedding Read more ..

If you're looking for a small, simple, and beautifully natural wedding, a beach wedding is the perfect solution. And if you want to invite the whole gang, think about a fun-filled wedding weekend and reunion at an activity-rich resort or beach. Whatever you decide, beach weddings are often memorable, unique, and offer a supplementary of Read more ..

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and now something trashed. Trash the dress we mean – this is now becoming a tradition with brides and grooms everywhere, as an extension of their wedding. The perfect opportunity for another photo shoots with your favorite photographer as husband and wife. There are some ideas that Read more ..

What use is a wedding dress after your wedding day? After your wedding, your dress will mostly end up packed up into a box and placed into a corner in the basement destined to collect dust for years to come. You may pull it out once or twice to relive a far distant memory, but Read more ..

Your big day should be everything and anything you’ve imagined it to be. After the waiting and planning, of course you want to have pictures of the entire day and everyone who is able to share your day with you. We all know that choosing a photographer is a must to capture every moment, but Read more ..

Setting the day apart from others, engaged couples have gone out of the box and have completely gotten away from traditional when it comes to their wedding photography. Your wedding photographs will serve as your everlasting memento from your big day, so why not get a little creative? A trend that is becoming very popular Read more ..

One of the greatest ways that weddings have been morphing into some of the most unique and entertaining events of our time is by adding tons of personal style to the event. In the old days, weddings had a certain form and flow, and no one dared to change that, or they would be seen Read more ..

Last month I fulfilled one item of my bucket list, to cover a hindu wedding. I have always been drawn to colour and drama, so I knew this would be a special Event for me. And I wasn’t wrong! The lavishness, fast pace and sheer bright colours everywhere were a joy to my eyes and Read more ..

Your wedding day has finally arrived and you hired a professional photographer to cover your wedding (not just uncle Joe and his always-in-hand camera). If so, then photos are important to you, and after having shot countless destination weddings, I have a few simple tips that get overlooked more often than you might think. Pedi Read more ..

If you are planning a boudoir session, do you think it’s the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband? You are right, but also, it is the perfect gift to yourself! Boudoir photos: They’re a celebration of your femininity, your body, your self! A recent study showed that a whopping 91% of women were dissatisfied Read more ..