My Collections

My Collections

I offer 6 , 9 and 12 hours packages of photo and/or video coverage. People sometimes remark those are not the standard hours in the industry. I always say: I’m not the standard photographer.

Based on my experience, because destination weddings are most often intimate affairs, six hours is the perfect amount of time to have a comprehensive coverage of the essential moments. Less than this and the coverage feels incomplete.

There are also couples who want to capture the complete day, without missing anything. For them, I offer the 9 hour package, to be there from the hair and makeup until the last moments of the reception.

In the event a wedding has more than 100 guests or involves several days of special events, I offer the 12 hour package.

My rates start at US$3,900. Each package has different components and advantages. Packages vary by which photo sessions are included and how many images are included in the copyright-free CD you receive. For more information please contact me!