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Your wedding day has finally arrived and you hired a professional photographer to cover your wedding (not just uncle Joe and his always-in-hand camera). If so, then photos are important to you, and after having shot countless destination weddings, I have a few simple tips that get overlooked more often than you might think. Pedi Read more ..

If you are planning a boudoir session, do you think it’s the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband? You are right, but also, it is the perfect gift to yourself! Boudoir photos: They’re a celebration of your femininity, your body, your self! A recent study showed that a whopping 91% of women were dissatisfied Read more ..

So you are getting married in the Mayan Riviera and capturing beautiful photographs of the event is very important to you. Then I suggest you plan your wedding around what we photographers call the magic hour, which is nothing more that the first and last hour of sunlight during the day. On your special day, Read more ..

Wedding photography has changed a lot in the past decades; it is incredible when you compare it to the artificial looking, packaged product of the past. Thankfully, wedding photography has become a respected and highly creative product. The wedding video, though, has taken more time to evolve. Even today, there are hundreds of video companies Read more ..

After shooting more than a 100 destination weddings I know something about the chaos when the bride is getting ready. I am always amazed at the original products some brides and bridesmaids bring, and, most of all, their creative problem-solving. Here are some products I think are essential: Clear band aids. You are on vacation Read more ..

You’re all set planning a destination wedding and you ask yourself: Should I wear a veil to the beach? Trust me: Say yes to the veil! No matter where you get married or how small the gathering, it is still your unique wedding day. When else will you have the opportunity to wear one — Read more ..