What’s the biggie about video?

Wedding photography has changed a lot in the past decades; it is incredible when you compare it to the artificial looking, packaged product of the past. Thankfully, wedding photography has become a respected and highly creative product.

The wedding video, though, has taken more time to evolve. Even today, there are hundreds of video companies offering the same stale, overly sentimental and not-very-compelling productions.

Fresh, new ways of producing wedding videos aren’t as common, but they’re out there! And that’s what we offer.

Lots of couples ask me why they need videographers if they have hired highly professional photographers. What’s the big deal?

Well, it comes down to what’s being done with video these days. Now we use at least two videographers (who have photo backgrounds) with DSLR cameras (professional photo cameras) to film the event. This gives us access to all the new and creative lenses out there. It is not just one cameraman with a big video camcorder on his shoulder: That’s so 1980s!

The other big difference is in the editing. A wedding video isn’t limited to delivering the ceremony in its entirety with audio from a camera microphone you can barely hear. The new approach makes the event compelling, superimposing interesting images on top of each other and using high-quality digital recorders that provide clear and crisp audio.

Video editing is now so complex that we record the audio separately and mix it in the post-production process. When you see the result, you’ll know that extra effort was worthwhile.

Social media has also advanced the art of wedding videos. People want to share their videos on YouTube and Vimeo; they want others to be part of their lives, their dreams, their special event. With the new video technology, we have access to all your material in digital form, so it’s easy to have a highlights edition of your wedding day. We call it a mini-clip video, and it’s a great tool for social media sharing, especially with all the friends and family who were not able to attend your destination wedding.

In the end, movement and sound bring an unparalleled power that can be achieved only through video. It is the perfect complement to your photos if you truly want to capture every aspect of your day.

Years from now you will get to relive all the tears, laughter, speeches and little moments that made this day so special.