Boudoir photography: It’s not for him anymore

Boudoir photography: It’s not for him anymore

If you are planning a boudoir session, do you think it’s the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband?

You are right, but also, it is the perfect gift to yourself!

Boudoir photos: They’re a celebration of your femininity, your body, your self!

A recent study showed that a whopping 91% of women were dissatisfied with at least one part of their bodies. There is always something we are criticizing about ourselves or unhappy with.

But as you get older (trust me on this!) and everything starts falling out of place, especially after having children, you realize you actually had a great body five or 10 years back. You think: Why didn’t I appreciate it more? Instead of criticizing it and trying like crazy to change it, or thinking with 5 to 10 pounds less I will be perfect, you should just be happy and satisfied with who you are!

It’s tough to do. We are all bombarded every day with images of so-called perfect bodies from the media. It’s natural to compare and feel inadequate.

But I say STOP it: Enjoy your body as it is today! Get naked in front of a camera. Be sexy. Feel free!

Once Father Time starts doing his deed years from now, you will loooove these pictures and marvel how great you felt, how pretty you looked, and how special you felt.

If not now, when? 

Go ahead and release your inner goddess on your wedding day. After hair and makeup are done and before you start your getting-ready process, I normally take 30 minutes alone with the bride and do a sexy in-your-lingerie boudoir shoot.


Not for him. For you!


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