Trash The Dress Anniversary Photoshoot

Trash The Dress Anniversary Photoshoot

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and now something trashed. Trash the dress we mean – this is now becoming a tradition with brides and grooms everywhere, as an extension of their wedding.

The perfect opportunity for another photo shoots with your favorite photographer as husband and wife.

There are some ideas that we have put together to create unforgettable photos one more time in your life.

Get Messy – Roll in the dirt, or have a (friendly) paintball war, or smear cake all over the dress. White will look great with any color choice you want to trash the dress with.

Get Wet – Take the dress to the beach or lake and have a romantic walk with your toes in the sand and your dress in the water.

Don’t Skip The Champagne – the drink we all celebrate on a wedding day with is Champaign. Pop the corks all over your dress and try to catch the cork popping explosion as it happens for an unforgettable photo.

Showoff Around Town – Walk the streets of your town as husband and wife all made up in your wedding attire. Except this time, you won’t have to worry about your dress dragging on the ground or stepping on it yourself. The daily wear and tear won’t matter today.

Paint The Perfect Picture – Play with colored paint with your husband, this is a bright and unique way to trash your wedding day attire. You can tie in as many colors as you like to make an amazing looking colorful collage.

Take A Leap Of Faith, Again – Jump on trampolines, or jump off of a small cliff into the water. Your dress will poof and look incredible in the air as you and your husband make this leap.

Celebrate your upcoming 1, 5, or 10 year anniversary with unforgettable photos this year.

Express yourselves in a way that you never have before with Sarani Photography. Contact us to start planning a session today.

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