Fun And Quirky Ideas For Wedding Photos

Fun And Quirky Ideas For Wedding Photos

One of the greatest ways that weddings have been morphing into some of the most unique and entertaining events of our time is by adding tons of personal style to the event. In the old days, weddings had a certain form and flow, and no one dared to change that, or they would be seen as “dishonoring” the ceremony.

Not true anymore, thank the heavens. Now weddings are events that everyone wants to be invited to, and brides and grooms are relaxing, and wanting to take wedding photos they will love now and in the future. Some are wonderfully funny, some poignant, some incredibly artistic in black and white and shadows, and some are just plain irreverent.

Here we share just a few of the fun and quirky wedding photo ideas trending this season. Who knows? You and your partner may find that perfect style of photos that fits your quirky personalities.

WhimsicalFun And Quirky Ideas For Wedding Photos

Whimsical photos are all the rage, and photographers are showing us that whimsical and sentimental can go together …well like birds and bees.

Many of these types can include stills of the decorations before the big event, or shots of the couple with optimal lighting. Think once-in-a-lifetime shots. Many choose the rustic look for a whimsical theme and prefer outdoor settings.


Fun And Quirky Ideas For Wedding PhotosComical

Maybe you’re a couple who isn’t fearful of comedy and irreverence. Maybe you know just how sacred your vows are, but want to also bring into it a bit of the fun, you and your love share on an everyday basis.

Some choose optical illusion style where they use placement to trick the viewer. One such picture includes the bride “stepping” on the bridal party, where in reality they are just further away in the shot than the bride.


Celebrate Like a Movie StarFun And Quirky Ideas For Wedding Photos

Why not transform the average wedding photo into a scene worth filming. Get your bridal party in on the act for this one and choose a favorite scene from a movie and act it out. You can get your photographer involved by having movie posters created instead of regular photos. You, the bridal party, and your guests will be thrilled, and never forget the moment.

Don’t Forget The Animals

If you have a dog (or other pet, for that matter) that you hold dear, use them in your photos. Have the dog stand between the two of you while you kiss or dress them up in doggie attire. If not, don’t forget to include the animals showing up in nature around you.

First Looks

This may be when you want to get the tissues out. Catch the groom, bridesmaids, and father of the bride when they first see the future Mrs. all dolled up. You are sure to see some genuine smiles and maybe even some tears!

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