Trash The Dress With The Women In Your Family

Trash The Dress With The Women In Your Family

What use is a wedding dress after your wedding day?

After your wedding, your dress will mostly end up packed up into a box and placed into a corner in the basement destined to collect dust for years to come.

You may pull it out once or twice to relive a far distant memory, but that is really it. Until Now!

Trash the dress photo shoots is becoming more and more popular.

After all, who doesn’t like an excuse to get all fancy one more time in the most expensive dress of your lifetime?

Chances are your mom, sister or aunts all have dresses sitting in a dark corner that are crying to be worn just one more time after all of these years as well.

A photoshoot like this is one that you rarely see, and will never be forgotten after you participate.

There are plenty of ways to trash the dress with your female relatives.

Head to the beaches in Mexico to take pictures in the water and on the sand, or get messy in the mud.

Whatever your idea is, pick a theme and just go with it.

If there is a wedding anniversary coming up for your parents or yourself, this could be the best anniversary present ever.

This is a nice opportunity to capture shots that could never be taken at a wedding or even a regular family photoshoot due to typical constraints or a fear of just doing something out of the ordinary.

A great idea would be to use chalkboards or banners to show your wedding date along with how many years you have been married for. Let your creativity flow and you will love the results in the end.

Grab your mom, sisters and aunts and plan a day of getting all made up, drinking mimosas on the beach while creating amazing photographs to be cherished forever. These stunning photos will never get old and will only make the bond between the ladies in your family stronger.

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